RS Country publishes “Social Distancing” interviews with Williams and Malin

RS Country has started to publish what they’re calling “Social Distancing” interviews with some of the better-known names in music including Lucinda Williams and Jess Malin where they ask them a standard set of questions about all kinds of things including what they’re doing, what they’re listening to and how they think we’re going to get out of all this (spoiler alert – nobody knows).

Willams tells them “For the past 20 days — since we got home from the tour we had to cancel — I have been completely isolated and alone here in Chicago, dropping acid, smoking grass, and watching TV news. I’ve run a couple of miles every morning (don’t worry, not anywhere that I’m close by people) and then spent at least three hours a day in my bathtub with a humidifier with eucalyptus oil in it going” while Malin says that he’s been listening to “Bruce Springsteen, because I think his message is that the struggle is there, it’s part of life, and it’s OK, and you can get through hard times. The details in his songs and characters have always brought me hope, but also made me want to step back and embrace the pain sometimes — and know that people have suffered and there’s something to gain from this whole thing. I listen to The Clash for the anger, the intensity, and the celebration of life. And Bob Marley, who speaks to you that we will survive. Wilco is a great overview of life and is very cinematic and very human. I’ve been listening to the new Brian Fallon album, the new Craig Finn, and Chuck Prophet. Lucinda Williams’ new record has been a huge inspiration too.” The circle of life lives on.

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