Watch Jesse Malin’s video for “Chemical Heart”

We leave you this week dear reader with a new video from Jesse Malin for the song ‘Chemical Heart’. It’s taken from his ‘Sunset Kids’ album which was released in August and produced by Lucinda Williams and Tom Overby. We described the record as “a brilliant album of future classics.” He’ll be performing it live in its entirety for the first time on December 19th in New York, with Williams joining him as a special guest. Have a good one.

Jesse Malin “Sunset Kids” (Wicked Cool Records, 2019)

Next time you feel the need to reach for a ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get does-exactly-what-is-says-on-the-tin’ record you could, in all honesty not do a lot better than Jesse Malin’s new album ‘Sunset Kids’. Don’t come knocking if you want surprises, but feel free to spin if you want the kind of solid rootsy rock ‘n’. roll that’s been round the block, seen it all and still knows damn well how to please. This is a great album of 14 hugely enjoyable songs. Continue reading “Jesse Malin “Sunset Kids” (Wicked Cool Records, 2019)”

Jesse Malin + Hennessey, 100 Club, London, 17th September 2019

Like all the cool kids seem to do, Jesse Malin came on stage to the strains of ‘Ol’ 55‘ – and this was Jesse Malin and a full band, with a small horn section of trumpet and saxophone poised at the stage edge to add additional power as required through the set. Starting off with a launch into Jesse Malin’s calling card ‘Brooklyn‘ – it’s a slow edge into a set, a mourning for a life that’s gone, with an added edge of time passing and regrets as things change, as Malin sings it “I sometimes lie awake until sunrise – wondering how we become what we despise”. Things soon pick up the pace as Catherine Popper plays the bass intro to ‘Deathstar‘ and then the first new song of the night ‘Chemical Heart‘ a typically twisted love song. For the first time Jesse Malin took a pause to rap with the audience – about the new album and how it came together with Lucinda Williams producing it. Continue reading “Jesse Malin + Hennessey, 100 Club, London, 17th September 2019”

RS talks to Jesse Malin about Lucinda Willams and his new record

Jesse Malin describes in a feature piece for RS this week the time when his band D Generation were on the road opening for the Ramones in 1996 and first heard Lucinda Williams’ voice: “It was on the duet with Steve Earle ‘You’re Still Standin’ There’ and her distinct nasally tone cut through like a serrated knife, all jagged and dangerous. Excited about his discovery, Malin couldn’t wait to tell his mentor, Joey Ramone. Continue reading “RS talks to Jesse Malin about Lucinda Willams and his new record”

Jesse Malin announces UK dates for 2020

Jesse Malin has announced a headline UK tour to follow the release of his Lucinda Williams-produced new album ‘Sunset Kids’, which is out August 30 via Wicked Cool Records/Velvet Elk. The New York singer-songwriter will follow his previously announced show at London’s 100 Club on September 17th with an extensive UK tour in March 2020. Continue reading “Jesse Malin announces UK dates for 2020”

Jesse Malin shares new video from forthcoming album – Watch

Jesse Malin has shared the video for ‘Room 13’, the lead track from his Lucinda Williams-produced new album ‘Sunset Kids’, which is due out August 30th via Wicked Cool Records/Velvet Elk. Continue reading “Jesse Malin shares new video from forthcoming album – Watch”

Jesse Malin records album with Lucinda Williams – Listen

This is quite exciting for last thing on a Monday afternoon. Jesse Malin has announced ‘Sunset Kids’, his first studio album in four years, to be released August 30th and produced by Lucinda Williams. Engineered by David Bianco and Geoff Sanoff, it was recorded on both coasts between the two artists’ touring schedules and features two songs co-written by Lucinda Williams  including the first single, ‘Room 13’ which you can listen to below. Continue reading “Jesse Malin records album with Lucinda Williams – Listen”

Lucinda Williams and Jesse Malin – a mutual admiration society

Two of Americana UK’s favourite Americans spoke to Rolling Stone about their mutual admiration which may have been sparked by Jesse Malin’s tribute to Lucinda Williams on his 2007 album, Gutter In The Glitter. They spoke about their common ground, the songwriting process and their political leanings (both supported Bernie Saunders) amongst other things. While the pair have shared a stage at various times in the past they’ve never played together and Rolling Stone asked them if they would ever collaborate with both saying that this was a distinct possibility. Whether this was tongue in cheek is not known with Malin telling the magazine, “We’ll do like, Otis Redding and Carla Thomas.” You can read the whole interview here.