Ryan Adams: “Oasis mattered unlike today’s bullshit”

ryan-adamsHaving a bit of a Ryan week for news we are.  Pitchfork reports: “Last night, the Oasis documentary Supersonic screened in the United States. It’s the only night that the film will play in the country. Among those who went out to see the film was Ryan Adams. He tweeted out his recommendation, telling people they should see it “if you need something to remind you what the fuck rocknroll means.” He also lamented “how boring” music has become since Oasis emerged.

On Instagram, Adams elaborated on just how much he misses Oasis. Without the Gallagher boys, music is “now a world full of a bunch of cargo dad pants bands with soulless, bullshit lyrics and about the level of danger you might feel if you mixed hot fries with ginger ale,” he wrote. See Ryan Adams’ posts below.

While Ryan Adams loves Oasis dearly, he recently said he was not interested in doing a full cover album of their work. A fan suggested he cover Be Here Now in the same way he did Taylor Swift’s 1989, but he said “Thanks but not gonna cover an album again/1000 jabs later what we made for fun has been made to be somethin else/Learning to share less.””

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