Sail Cassady “Got The Pace” – Listen

Suicide is not always the quickest of deaths” sings Canadian ​Colin Craveiro​ aka Sail Cassady, explaining that “it’s a slow burn deep in your chest“.   Atmospheric it may be, capturing that bleakness that chills the soul as the days get short and the night become long cold periods of self-reflection, but ‘Got the Pace‘ is not the cheeriest of songs.  But then, not everything is always cheery, is it?

That uncomfortable fact is acknowledged by Sail Cassady: “The story behind ‘Got the pace’ touches on the desire to escape the difficult realities of life. A few years back I was dealing with severe depression issues combined with substance misuse. Between the loss of loved ones, frequent visits to the mental health hospital, the desire to feel good again became a mantra that began as a whisper and ended up chant. Thanks to a dear friend of mine and the final acceptance of who I was at that time, I was able to see myself sticking around and facing the truth. It was a very important time in my life.

And, in fact, there’s that nugget of hope nestling at the heart of ‘Got the Pace‘, in the hint that someone else might just care enough to listen in the darkness “someone is holding your hand again / coffee shop therapy“.

Photo credit: John Carlow (Finding Charlotte Photography)

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