Sam Teskey “Love” – It’s in the air

We were tempted to add “like Covid” but two days into the new regime of ensuring the hospitals are full within 2-4 weeks that just didn’t seem funny anymore.  Anyway, Sam Teskey has love on his mind on this new song cryptically entitled ‘Love.’  It’s taken from his new solo album ‘Cycles‘ which is out on Decca on October 8th and has Sam showing some…err…love…for the great British psychedelic bands of the 1960s.  The songs came together during Teskey Brothers tours as Sam explained: “When on the road touring, I spend most of my time writing songs, so I have a massive collection of songs and ideas ready to go. Once I figured out that they all work together like that, it happened really organically. I love listening to albums that have progression and take you on a journey. A big point of this album is for people to create their own journey and their own story. I can say many things about the record, but I want to leave the experience up to the listener. It feels nice to put the creativity back in the listeners’ hands.”

Whilst we’re a bit worried that Sam’s littering in the lyric video below, we’re also wondering: “is that the same rock Jim Lauderdale did Tai-Chi on in his video for ‘Listen’?” Maybe not since that was filmed in Australia.

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