Sam Weber “Everything Comes True” (Sonic Unyon, 2019)

From North Saanich, Canada to L.A., Sam Weber is the musical ambassador for British Columbia. Touring since 2013, this talented multi-instrumentalist has written ‘Everything Will Come True’ both on the road and on his parent’s piano. Starting out at Infinity Studios in Victoria, working on Chris Ho’s ‘City of Dust‘, it is apparent that this, his third album, has been recorded by a producer’s producer. Acoustic guitar, pedal steel, slide guitar, baritone guitar, electric Spanish guitar, all blend effortlessly with flawless vocals, trombone, trumpets, drums, and mellotron. The fact that he still goes back to his first recording studio for additional production and continues to write in his parent’s living room is a testament to the importance of roots to Weber, even when the songs are about life on the road.

In ‘Probably Not‘ Weber mulls over his touring in America, “Should I be glad to live here and simmer in a melting pot? Maybe California will take pity on the dreams I got”. A song that does not wallow, but reminds us of some of the poignant roadhouse licks of Bruce Springsteen. This contrasts with the title track Everything Will Come True’ which has an optimistic pragmatic vision, that combines the wistful vocals reminiscent of Eels tempered with ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters‘ style piano!

It’s All Happening‘ is wonderfully evocative of Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland‘, with syncopated beats and guitar harmonics creating an old school country train sound, contributing well to the albums “on the road” theme.

Weber has managed to craft an album that speaks of homesickness while contrastingly being at home on the road while never fully alluding to the fact. Lyrical snippets illustrate his experience of touring perfectly in ‘Queen on the Money‘, “I’m a son of a gun when I’m on the run, a tail without a kite” speaking to the freedom and constraints of his lifestyle.

This is an album that explores more than just the 1676 miles between North Saanich and Los Angeles, and with each listen reveals the depth and talent of this Canadian that has a long career ahead.

Third album from talented Canadian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter that celebrates life on the road

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