Samara Jade “The Place Between” – Listen

Samara Jade is a folk troubadour, a multi-instrumentalist and a spelunker.  Growing up in Hudson Valley New York she was given a proper education – steeped in the folk music and culture of Pete Seeger and his peers, she discovered Led Zep and the Floyd on LP but she was inspired to take up the guitar to play in her High School swing band.  All these mixed genres find outlets into her own music – although there’s not a lot of heaviness on her new album ‘Zero.

The Place Between‘ sees Samara Jade steering her own course through life – but with a paddle that’ll let her reach “land” if she needs to.  Independent, but not anti-social.    The album came out of a three day fast and vision quest deep in the mountains, and the title ‘Zero‘ is associated with the archetype of the fool in Tarot decks. The Fool represents new beginnings, and the courage that accompanies blindly stepping off into the great unknown.  As Jade explains “Only when we can examine and learn to love and nurture the hurt parts of ourselves and find the union between light and dark within can we become healed and whole.  As humanity was feeling some pretty big upheavals of “normal”, I was quarantined and recording an album about my own personal apocalyptic dark night of the soul.

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