Sean McConnell “What The Hell Is Wrong With Me”

Silent Desert / Soundly Music, 2021

Sean McConnell shares the music video for his latest single, ‘What The Hell Is Wrong With Me‘ (Feat. Fancy Hagood).

Already highly regarded as a Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer with a strong commercial track-record writing hits for other artists, Sean McConnell has previously has written for Christina Aguilera, Michael Franti, Brett Young (including Young’s double-platinum hit ‘Mercy‘), Tim McGraw, Brothers Osborne, and many others. These days, however, he’s focusing more on establishing himself as an impressive artist in his own right.

As a vocalist, he sits somewhere between Jason Isbell and Hiss Golden Messenger’s M.C. Taylor, but McConnell’s commercial sensibilities tend to shine through, and his songwriting catalogue shows he has more catchy hooks to hand than many of his contemporaries. ‘What The Hell Is Wrong With Me‘, is a good example of that.

The first few bars of the track, opening with a classic keyboard slide, with drums and bass on point, and some nice funky-ish guitar chops… sounding not unlike an uptempo Hiss Golden Messenger, but when McConnell’s vocal comes in, his distinctively rich and warm vocals take the track in its own direction. It’s not just the vocal sound, it’s the overall tone too. There’s a light-heartedness in McConnell’s songwriting that undoubtedly adds to its commercial appeal. As he describes it himself, “If you woke up thinking “I wish there were an uncomfortably honest yet charmingly comical song out today that would make me feel less alone in my total disfunction and basket case-ness” then have I got the jam for you!

That light-heartedness definitely comes through in the video. McConnell sets out the concept, “What can I say about this video? My brother drove up 4 hours from Atlanta to wear a bunny costume in 100 degree weather, we laughed our asses off the whole shoot, a lot of those empty beer bottles aren’t props, I got to jam with a giraffe on drums and a piano playing rainforest bird of some sort. All in all, it really captures the inside of my brain and I hope you enjoy it. Truly…what the hell is wrong with me?

Both song and video are lit up with smiles and great musicianship. Have a look.

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