Sean McConnell + Garrison Starr, St Pancras Old Church, London, 13th February 2020

The venue is, as ever, inspirational to both tonight’s acts, who were raised in varied Christian settings in the USA. The gig is sold out and the performers really thrive in this supportive atmosphere. Massachusetts’ native McConnell is now a well-seasoned UK visitor from his Nashville home. His latest album ‘Secondhand Smoke’ was widely lauded, even landing an elusive 10/10 on this website. He is currently darting across a dense array of European gigs crossing borders like a Euro MP who has just learned of the expenses allowance. Continue reading “Sean McConnell + Garrison Starr, St Pancras Old Church, London, 13th February 2020”

Video: My Sister, My Brother “Nothing Without You”

Ahead of a forthcoming EP release on 6th March, this song writing supergroup have put out a debut single.  At a song writing retreat, Sean McConnell, Garrison Starr and Peter Groenwald began a collaboration that grew into a new project.  Their connection is evident in the beautifully sung  ‘Nothing Without You’, which was written on the first day of the retreat.  Look out for My Sister, My Brother’s live dates in the UK and Ireland in February.

Helen Jones’s Review of 2019

Reflecting on 2019, there has been a lot of quality music released – including fantastic records from Sturgill Simpson, The Highwomen and Tyler Childers to name a few – so much excellent music in fact that I must admit found the idea of writing this piece a little overwhelming. So I’ve decided to pare it back and focus on some smaller records that haven’t always had the press that they might have deserved, but ones whose songs have rattled around in my head for days at a time after many a repeat listen. Continue reading “Helen Jones’s Review of 2019”

Sean McConnell announces UK dates for 2020

Massachusetts-born, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Sean McConnell, who has appeared in the UK no less than three times during 2019 – opening shows with country singer Ashley Monroe, a performance at The Long Road festival and a recent run of dates with Ashley McBryde – has announced his first headline tour outside the USA in February 2020. Continue reading “Sean McConnell announces UK dates for 2020”

Sean McConnell, Manchester Academy 2, 29th September 2019

When Sean McConnell came on stage without fanfare – clad in denim and holding his guitar, testing his microphone before beginning – the audience weren’t prepared for the powerful performance he was about to unleash.

Opening with the title track of his most recent album ‘Secondhand Smoke’ (which gained the rare distinction of 10/10 when it was reviewed here earlier in the year), his fantastic storytelling and powerful vocals went on to win over some new fans during the course of his opening set for country-rock powerhouse Ashley McBryde. Continue reading “Sean McConnell, Manchester Academy 2, 29th September 2019”