Sgt. Splendor “Heavy Be The Borrowed Crown” – I did it all myself, almost

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And we continue down the path of the Kick Ass – with a slice of funked up psychedelicized power duo from Sgt Splendor’s recently released new album ‘Death of the Hoochie Koo‘.  We’re detecting a little Larkin Poe and a slight hint of Dr John at his rocking grooviest on his Dan Auerbach produced albums.  This epic slice of oozing goodness is brought to us by Kate Vargas and esteemed guitarist Eric McFadden who cut the song with Danny Eisenberg on keys Mike D on bass and Michael Urbano providing drums and percussion.

Heavy be the Borrowed Crown‘ takes a look at the trials and tribulations of life and the difficulty of pursuing the American Dream with the ironic twist that the narrative voice comes from someone already born to privilege.  Wow, it’s hard to get on in life when all you have to help you is a great big dollop of nepotism.  Kate Vargas elaborates that  “We overlook the advantages we have because it feels better to say ‘this is all me.’ And, when we do this, we ignore the fact that others don’t have the same advantages and, in many cases, we benefit from that system. This creates a machine that runs on those who are less fortunate, without so much as acknowledging them or the absurd hierarchy.

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