Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 44

Anticipation is the fuel for now

A glimpse of times to come.

Red Rooster festival photo copyright K Hargreaves

Phew, January’s a bastard. It’s cold, dark, hungover from December’s increasingly desperate joyousness and in the case of school, full of people shuffling from class to class coughing, wheezing and spluttering whilst telling everyone they tested negative. So what?!? Don’t knowingly spread your illness Covid or not. I heard a student saying that he’s stopped testing just in case it is Covid and he can’t attend a party he was going to. FFS. The influence of our leader’s selfish stupidity has seeped to all corners!

But hold on there, this was not going to be (another) rant rather a quick note about how my January has been considerably brightened by news from festivals of the line ups that will soundtrack my summer. My heart genuinely skipped a beat with the announcement from End of the Road this week. Seemingly they have rediscovered their love of Americana or at least rekindled the glowing embers. Kurt Vile, Kevin Morby, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Fleet Foxes, Conor Oberst for starters! Seriously lovely choices. Red Rooster has also got some lovely bands in the frame. Danny George Wilson, The Sheepdogs and Chuck Prophet ticking my boxes. And Black Deer has Wilco, Drive by Truckers, Felice Brothers, Treetop Flyers and many, many more.

Suddenly January didn’t seem so bleak ….and then I looked at my parents’ evening list. Forty four parents over four and half hours at 5 minutes each. FFS! Roll on the summer.

A taste from the line ups of each one this week. First up Kurt Vile and the Violators with a sun kissed classic, then the ever reliable Chuck Prophet with literally the sound of my summer and finally in case I’m being too upbeat The Felice Brothers with a song that may well horribly prescient given the energy price rises on the horizon the insistence that NI contributions that will also increase. As ever take what you want or need!

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