Siv Jakobsen “Birthday” – You say it’s your birthday….

Photo: Jorgen Nordby

Siv Jakobsen did not enjoy her 25th birthday.  But, making the best of a bad thing she did at least get a sardonic song out of it, so not all a loss even if it was a “Monday feeling on a Friday evening.”  Although to be honest it doesn’t sound all so bad after all: “I got drunk on my Birthday / Dancing on tables with my friends.”  Could be worse, but let’s not talk about that.

This outing is a real big band effort, even though it sounds quite minimalistic, with Siv Jakobsen – lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, Hans Olav Settem – zither, synthesizers, backing vocals, Simen Mitlid – vocals, banjo, percussion, Emma Gatrill – harp, vocals, Marcus Hamblett – vibraphone, synthesiser, bowed guitar, vocals, Oliver Hardaker – drums and percussion, Synnøve Ovrid – double bass, Group vocals: Siv Jakobsen, Hans Olav Settem, Simen Mitlid, Synnøve Ovrid, Marit Othilie Thorvik, Emilie Korsvold, Sondre Abrahamsen, Vita Schmidt and Sofie Mortvedt.  Wow.  Det er et folkeband på størrelse med en fest.

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