Siv Jakobsen “Anywhere Else” – Listen

Anywhere Else‘ has Siv Jakobsen analysing her anxieties – not the little ones that can nag every few minutes or so through a day but the really big ones that can be overwhelming enough to restrict a life.  Like having to walk everywhere even though you can drive because “I’m scared of dying, scared of breaking, scared of killing someone else along my way.Continue reading “Siv Jakobsen “Anywhere Else” – Listen”

Video: Siv Jakobsen “Fear the Fear”

‘Fear the Fear’ by Siv Jakobsen is gently, eerily beautiful.  The video has her finding her way in the dark and complements the emotionally intense song well.  The Norwegian singer-songwriter continues to explore these themes of fear and anxiety on her forthcoming album, ‘A Temporary Soothing’, due for release on 24th April.  The combination of the spare, folk sound and Jakobsen’s haunting vocal is mesmerising.  Have a good week, everybody!

Siv Jakobsen “Island” – Listen

Norway’s Siv Jakobsen has released her new single ‘Island’ taken from her forthcoming second studio album ‘A Temporary Soothingwhich is out on April 27th via U OK?  It’s an album that covers an eclectic range of approaches to the folk / singer-songwriter genre.  ‘Island‘ for example throws a good measure of electronica into the mix, whilst the song is a thing of beautiful purity. Continue reading “Siv Jakobsen “Island” – Listen”