Something for the weekend: Beachwood Sparks “Falling Forever”

Well that’s it from us for another week dear reader, and we leave you with the first new song in over a decade from longtime AUK favourite Beachwood Sparks. The three founders, singers and songwriters – Brent Rademaker, Chris Gunst, and Farmer Dave Scher — of beloved West Coast band Beachwood Sparks have reunited again after another ten-year break with what they describe as a “beautiful, concise album to bring hope, nutrition and solace for our troubled minds”. “Across the River of Stars” lands on 19th July via Curation which is produced by Chris Robinson.

The new song to be released from it ‘Falling Forever’ catapults listeners into a sonic odyssey, echoing the cosmic fervour of The Byrds’ legendary sound (favoured for years by the band) with melodies and weaving intricate harmonies reminiscent of the timeless magic of “Notorious Byrd Brothers.” As they say, “Realism, fatalism, but gently, wisely, insistently bending towards hope. We need this music.”

Do support your local Palestine events this weekend if you’re able to, and good luck if you’re attending the national demo tomorrow.  Have a good one and take care.

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