Something for the weekend: Brad Paisley “The Medicine Will”

Well that’s it for us for this week dear reader. Apologies for all the site glitches, we are either unlucky or being hacked by the Russians. We wouldn’t normally feature a mainstream country artist on these hallowed pages and indeed Brad Paisley has good reason not to with an excruciatingly cringe track on his new album which not only in the video but the song itself features Paisley himself talking to Volodymyr Zelensky. And it goes on for ages. The songwriting credit on Spotify is even “Brad Paisley, President Volodymyr Zelensky.” Honestly, you have to hear it. Tbf Paisley’s work around the war in Ukraine has been part of his role as an ambassador for United24, a fundraising campaign to help build housing for displaced Ukrainians whose homes have been destroyed, and that’s obviously a good thing. Still. Anyway, the new album on its way ‘Son of the Mountains’ features among other musicians Dan Tyminski and Jerry Douglas – Union Station essentially – and our pick of the first four songs to be released from the record is ‘The Medicine Will’ which is an absolutely terrific number, just listen to that sublime arrangement (although sadly doesn’t feature Volodymyr Zelensky). Have a good one.

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