Something for the weekend: Emily Barker & Lukas Drinkwater “Tomorrow”

Emily Barker at Lottes Musiknacht 2018

Well that’s it from us for another week dear reader and we leave you with a new recording from Emily Barker & Lukas Drinkwater, a cover of a song by the classic Aussie band Silverchair, ‘Tomorrow’ – Emily said of the song: “‘Frogstomp’ was a huge album in Australia, but also made waves beyond home turf. I was 14 when it came out, Lukas was just 10 (he’ll be happy I point out our age difference here). My best friend, Andrea, was a grunge girl back in those days and had a huge celeb crush on Daniel Johns – we listened to the album a lot as teenagers, moshing about our bedrooms with posters of Johns on her walls. On the other side of the world, Lukas discovered the record a few years later when he was 13 years old. At this time in his life, he and his family were living in a homeless hostel in Cornwall, UK. He was skating and listening to angry music like Silverchair and Nirvana as a means of escape. When we first talked about doing this covers album, it was the first Aussie band he suggested. We listened to the record together the day after our arrival at The Westin Hotel in Perth for our two week quarantine. It was the first song we recorded and it felt good to perform it after a long haul flight – the musical equivalent of running around a park. It brought back a lot of memories for us both: good and not so good. We really pumped out the vocals – apologies to our quarantine neighbours.” No apologies necessary Emily, you should hear what mine play. Have a good one.

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Alan Ainsworth

Never heard this song before, loved it. The video was extremely well done, I dont know if it was meant to be so disturbing (In a good way) very thought provoking. The song was really well delivered and timed to support the video. Emily,s Voice is so clear and well pitched, and the guitar was so well played, both voice and guitar had me grinding my teeth in envy. You havent given it a grading so I will: 11 out of 10. Thank you.