Something for the weekend: Grandaddy “Watercooler”

Well that’s it from us for another week dear reader. We leave you with a band we have not featured enough around these parts in recent years, but to be fair they haven’t been around much since Kevin Garcia, bassist and co-founder of the band died at a tragically young age back in 2017. “Blu-Wav” is their first new release accordingly in 7 years, a blend according to Jason Lytle of new wave and bluegrass although it sounds more americana-y to these ears – who’s going to quibble about genre anyway when the music sounds this good, the whole album is basically blissful but heartbreakingly sad too (please send it to us for review). Hey, that’s life these days. We’ve included a track from it on our new playlist which goes out to AUK supporters at 5pm today, one of whom will win a vinyl copy of the latest album by the Milk Carton Kids, and what an album that is too. In the meantime, have a good weekend, and as ever, Free Palestine.

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