Something for the weekend: Josh Ritter and Aoife O’Donovan “Strong Swimmer”

Photo credit: Sam Kassirer

Well that’s it from us for another week. Just to swerve away from the world of americana for a moment, if the saga around interest rates is leaving your head spinning, and let’s face it, renters could be just as vulnerable if not more than those with mortgages so it affects many of us, can we point you towards this thread from economic justice campaigner Richard Murphy, a viewpoint rarely discussed within mainstream UK media at the moment. Anyway on to nicer things – we leave you with a track from the latest Josh Ritter album ‘Spectral Lines’ which we recently gushed about ‘Strong Swimmer’ features Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Aoife O’Donovan with a sweet melody, some lovely harmonies and great lines such as: “The wind was in your hair, And your lips were flecked with salt, Your eyes were two boats for the moon – I said, a strong swimmer you’ll be called”. Have a good one

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