Something for the weekend: Lawrence Rothman ft. Amanda Shires “LAX”

Well that’s it from us for another week dear reader and we leave you with a crushingly beautiful song from the forthcoming new album from LA-based singer-songwriter Lawrence Rotham which features Amanda Shires on vocals. Rotham commented on the song: “Constant bombardment by media images and social pressure can cause you to feel uncomfortable about your body and the way you look. Product after product to stay thin, social media encouraging people to not only get thin, but be dangerously thin. The ‘starving the body perfection’ that went around social media really took me under and it hurts me to admit, but I got caught up in the web of wanting to look like images that were mostly likely photoshopped. One of the root issues of eating disorders is perfection and people-pleasing, I found myself going to Walgreens and buying up LAXatives hence the ‘LAX’ title and weight loss pills. So many that my stomach started bleeding. On social media, you have to look like this, your body has to be shaped this way or you’re ugly. And product after product is thrown at you to stay thin.  Amanda and I have been working together the last 3 years, I produced her album Take It Like A Man and Loving You with Bobbie Nelson. We have a great musical bond and wonderful friendship. It made sense to have a close friend lend their voice to such a vulnerable song. Plus, I’m a huge fan of her delicate but powerful voice!”

The track is taken from the album “The Plow That Broke the Plains” which will be released April 26th. As always, you can find out about any Palestine support action taking place near you here. Have a good one.

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