Something for the weekend: Morgan Wade “Moth to a Flame”

Photo credit: Matthew Berinato

Wll that’s it from us for another week dear reader and we leave you with a brand new song by Virginia’s Morgan Wade who returns in August with her upcoming album “Obsessed”. Wrought with yearning, ‘Moth to a Flame’ plays over a lilting acoustic guitar line complemented by lap steel and piano. As the press release notes, it’s “an ode to finding our dreamed-of love, the track puts Wade’s singular vocal front and center, finding power in quiet, reverent delivery.”

An entirely solo-written, stripped-down 14-track collection, the new album was produced by her touring guitarist Clint Wells and “showcases Wade at her rawest and most vulnerable. She writes with incredible force about the ache for home and the emotion of being reunited with loved ones, of feeling dangerously preoccupied with someone, and of being in situations that society might consider outside the norm.”  (On a side note, there’s a heartwarming new set of podcasts on Wondery at the moment under the banner of “The 82%: Modern Stories of Love and Family” which is apparently the proportion of families in the US which aren’t defined as nuclear in the traditional sense.) Do support your local Palestine events if you can as always. Take care and have a good one.

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