Something for the weekend: Passenger “Against the Grain”

Well that’s it from us for another week dear reader and surprise! Passenger has a new album out – he often does this, with little to no forewarning – few artists manage to keep it under wraps so well and they’re always a treat given they tend to be the more acoustically-driven lowkey records, but ones with tunes which resonate as much as anything from the big releases. ‘Birds That Flew and Ships That Sailed’ is very americana-influenced once again but honestly to these ears contains some of the best songs of his career (despite the possible cardinal sin of including a saxophone on one otherwise great track – we’re not sure if it’s a saxophone so the jury is out for now, rest a while in purgatory Mike). Difficult to choose one but we’re going with ‘Against the Grain’, an olive branch to someone swimming against the tide. Have a good one.

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