Brianna Lane “Ashes In The Fog” – Listen

Empires rise and then they fall / The greatest leaders lose their lives before their hearts” sings Brianna Lane on their excellent cover of a song by Mother Coyote, making it movingly just acoustic guitar and voice.  They say of ‘Ashes in the Fog” that “This song was my first attempt at engineering and production, and I loved the challenge! “Ashes in the Fog” was a stand out when I saw Mother Coyote perform live, so when I did a deep dive into her material it called out to me right away. I’m a sucker for a good sad song and this is certainly one of those.

So why the cover?  Well, an enterprising group of bands and artists from the Minnesota music scene have come together under the umbrella of The Superclub Collective to record an album of each other’s songs.  The album is called ‘I Got You Covered‘ and it’s out on April 25th (pre-order is possible now on Bandcamp).

The Supper Club Collective started as a pandemic project to bring together local artists (many of whom did not know each other’s music) and give them a creative outlet. Responding to a call on social media, these Minnesota artists were matched up with a songwriter and given the opportunity to select a song to cover and record. The results are a mixing of folk, blues and Americana with a dash of rock and ambient pop.  You should recognise some of the names by now, and the full track listing is:

1. Ashes in the Fog | Brianna Lane (written by Mother Coyote)
2. Holy Water | Chris Holm (written by Ben Cook-Feltz)
3. Inseparable | Frequency Collisions (written by Doyle Turner)
4. Old Crows | Doug Millaway (written by Amanda Standalone)
5. Lucy Blue Eyes | Doyle Turner (written by Dan Tanz)
6. Some Sunday Afternoon | Mother Coyote (written by Ted Hajnasiewicz)
7. The Porch Light Song | Nathan Griner (written by Brianna Lane)
8. That’s Alright | Ben Cook-Feltz (written by David Stone)
9. Pen and Paper | Amanda Standalone (written by Taylor Baggott)
10. The Drifter | Ted Hajnasiewicz (written by Chris Holm)
11. Thanks | Sarah Morris (written by Frequency Collisions)
12. This Song | Dan Tanz (written by Nathan Griner)
13. You Don’t Know Me | David Stone (written by Doug Millaway)
13. Things You Can’t Tell By Looking at a Picture | The Supper Club Collective (written by Sarah Morris)

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