Son Volt “Sometimes You’ve Got To Stop Chasing Rainbows” – grasp the nettle of reality, man

Son Volt (the band that Wilco could have been) have a new album ‘Day Of The Doug’, coming out June 16th via Transmit Sound/Thirty Tigers.  It’s a themed album of carefully chosen covers celebrating the musical genius of Doug Sahm.  As Jay Farrar explains, it doesn’t go for all the obvious choices: “My mode of picking the songs was primarily to celebrate the ones that I thought were overlooked.

Farrar had a personal connection with Sahm, both as a friend and mentor. Sahm sang with Farrar on the final Uncle Tupelo album, ‘Anodyne’ (1993), as they recorded an exceptional rendition of his classic song ‘Give Back the Key to My Heart.Day Of The Doug opens and closes with personal messages left by Sahm on the Son Volt leader’s answering machine.  “It’s like reconnecting with a hero,” says Farrar. “And getting back to the same kind of perspective I had when I was starting out as a younger musician. I think it’s just important to step back from what you normally do. Take stock. Take inspiration. And see where it leads from there.

Son Volt will be touring later this year playing songs from this album as well as ‘Trace‘ in full – to celebrate the 28th year since its release.  It’s a big tour, but it’s all in the States, more’s the pity.

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