Songs for the apocalypse: Blitzen Trapper “Lonesome Angel”

Blitzen Trapper are a Portland, Oregon-based quintet who describe their music as “experimental country/folk/rock”, and it’s the experimental bit about the band that’s always made them so interesting. Robin Pecknold of the Fleet Foxes once said of lead singer Eric Earley: “he’s a supergenius and it’s so wonderful to hear folk music that’s not just ‘folk’ because of the quaint acoustic instruments as is sometimes the case these days. I think a proper folk song needs to be instructive and entertaining.” This track from 2015’s ‘All Across This Land’ is perhaps one of the less obviously inventive songs they’ve ever recorded but sounds like something the Jayhawks might have recorded around their ‘Hollywood Town Hall’ era – the melody alone makes it a stone-cold classic. Look out for our review of their new album any day now.

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