Songs for the apocalypse: Deadstring Brothers “Blindfolded”

Omg this band – does anyone remember them?  Hailing from Detroit, Michigan and fronted by guitarist/vocalist Kurt Marschke, the worst thing you could say about Deadstring Brothers were that they were sometimes a bit derivative of the Rolling Stones, but who cares when songs like ‘Blindfolded’ were this good? Sadly their label home Bloodshot announced the end of their career with an announcement in 2013 that “The brutal and indifferent whims of the world drove these guys out of the business. It is to all our losses.” To which we say that maybe Deadstring Brothers were just too good for this world. The record that this track is from – ‘Starving Winter Report’ – is an out and out americana classic, even if not enough people know this yet.

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Pete Feldon

Great band. Saw them at What’s Cookin’ in Leytonstone, and persuaded Bob Harris to play them. They should reform.


Saw them in King Tut’s Glasgow! Loved them and put them up in our house next time they played Scotland! Awesome band!