Sounds from beyond the Shed 132 “Is it me?”

As I write this I have just watched yet another piece of news reporting concerning yet another utterance by the seemingly unstoppable Republican candidate for the American presidency, one Donald Trump. And I just don’t get it. I need someone to educate me as to what is happening here. The Republican Party seems to be saying that no one is more suitable to run the USA than a man facing numerous court convictions, has the people skills of an arrogant child and is clearly suffering from a form of megalomania. Where has reason gone? How can someone supposedly be a moral leader of a country if they are patently so reprehensible?

And where’s the reasonable opposition to this madness? Are you really telling me that Biden is the best choice to fight for the role in a country faced with the very real threat of complete anarchy during the forthcoming elections?

Surely the American public can see these things or am I a victim of some liberal algorithm that is feeding me this sense of complete helplessness in the face of the MAGA supporters spitting their venom at anyone stating an opposing view?

More questions than answers I’m afraid this week. Tonight I’m overseeing the count at the Wellingborough byelection. Let’s hope the outgoing MP keeps his trousers on if he makes his presence felt and that Reform don’t do as well as I fear they might especially since the horror that is Farage has made an appearance in town armed with a megaphone. By the time you read this we’ll know.

This week I’ve been on a TV special in the radio show, all tracks having been featured in shows I’m watching or have watched recently. So here’s a couple more Nick Lowe from The Sopranos and Kansas from Supernatural.

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Ralph Ownby

Why not just leave the politics out of it? Good music and politics don’t mix. Just ask Jackson Browne and the Drive-By Truckers. Bad message filled songs derailed their careers.