Sounds from beyond the Shed 135: “Bureaucracy gone mad..”


Having spent most of the last 15 years in education I am well aware of how things have changed for the good in terms of safeguarding and the protection of children in society particularly in institutions such as schools etc. When I left teaching last summer I was the possessor of a fully enhanced DBS meaning I was cleared to work with and around children. My background had been checked and no skeletons discovered and therefore I was allowed to work. No DBS. No job in education or affiliated services. And while it is true to say that essentially as soon as a check is done it is out of date ie. it only checks what you have done or not done up to that date; it is a pretty good system, way better than say 30 yrs ago. However there is an issue around communication and the waste of resources. On leaving teaching I secured a part time driving job driving school buses. I needed my DBS. Oh no! I needed a new DBS. More checks and time but a couple of weeks later it arrived. Same county, same office. Different check. Now I have been asked by school to go back and teach a couple of days a week (I know, madness, but I agreed – the price was right) and guess what, despite holding a current enhanced DBS… I need to go through the whole procedure again. FFS. Why can’t people talk to each other? What a waste of time and money – whilst I do appreciate that shortcuts cannot be taken there must be a simpler and less costly way of doing this. Grrrr. My apologies.

This week I have been listening to the new Flypaper which I love and some classic America which I also love. The radio show features lots of new stuff as well as an interjection from Alexa and two songs in Scandi corner. As ever take what you want or need.

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