Sounds from beyond the Shed 138: “Ramblin’ Roots and old friends”

Photo: Nick Barber

Last weekend saw the annual shindig at High Wycombe that is Ramblin’ Roots. In two adjacent and perfectly lovely venues over 20 artists over 3 days. I could only make it on the Friday night but still had an amazing time and was even papped for my NY jacket (see image). One of the reasons for such a good time was meeting up with my regular gig buddy, Warren. Not seen him since before Christmas it was a joy to talk bollocks before and between sets whilst consuming large amounts of Spanish lager which has been no closer to the Spanish mainland than Burton on Trent. We tag-teamed good viewing spots in both venues and all the artists impressed although I’m not sure Brown Horse got a good crack of the whip as the sound was vintage 1970’s free festival quality. Still a great night that even included my first kebab for 20 years.

I’m afraid I might have been a little pickled and perhaps nicked the Friday night poster from the Gents whilst being watched by a fellow AUK writer who was so ashamed of my actions he didn’t introduce himself.  But hey ho, still game eh? The following days I was looking after my father whose trials have been covered in this column before. We spent some time looking at pictures of him and his mates on the town from the 50s and 60s. Different times same thing. Nothing beats time with friends. Make sure you have as many as possible.

So Katherine Priddy was brilliant at RR and beyond her I’ve been taking in a brilliant new (old) sound from Steel Fringe. The radio show this week is a loud affair as some wag in the studio turned everything up to 11! But it still sounds bloody good featuring three tracks from the debut Breeze album, some Chuck Prophet, EEls, Karl Blau, GospelbeacH, Arnold, Richmond Fontaine, Pete Bruntnell and more. As ever take what you want or need.

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Paul Higham

I snuck a picture of your jacket too! Presumably Neil’s prolific reissue programme keeps your tailor in holidays in the Caribbean?

It was a shame about the sound for Brown Horse, though on listening to their album they do seem to strive for a rather muddy quality.

Saturday and Sunday were great too, with many highlights – singing along to a countrified “In A Big Country”, seeing a full band Starry Eyed And Laughing for the first time since Oxford 1976 and being slightly bamboozled by the sight of the Tipping brothers on stage (“hang on, that bloke’s also playing second guitar”).

Even manage to find some green space in High Wycombe for a stroll…

Paul Higham

And there was just enough of Rebellion Brewery’s product left at the end to prevent the need for an emergency call to Marlow.

keith hargreaves

sounds like you had a great weekend !

Ryan Fox

Hi Keith – just discovered your gem of a show. My highlight was hearing Damian Rice, that song got me through some tough times back in the noughties. Music can be therapy in our darker times. Ryan 😊

keith hargreaves

Hi Ryan
It sure can be the friend you need in dark times. Glad you found us – spread the word!

Ryan Fox

Sure will do 👍🎶