Sounds from beyond the Shed 140: “Fame, I’m going to live forever…”

Drive-By Truckers
Photo: Brantley Guitierrez

Last week’s article alluded to Mrs H doing something secret that I couldn’t know about but the cat has emerged from the bag this week as it appears that the choir that she sings with (see previous articles) was featured on Britain’s Got Talent last Saturday. It’s not a show I would choose to watch but hey X million people can’t be wrong (actually they can, look at Trump…) and the excitement and buzz for her and her fellow singers has been extraordinary. The stress at home has also reached new levels of madness that have at times threatened to give me reason to spend even more time in the shed. Now we must endure the stress of waiting to hear if they made the finals. I’m not sure that the makers of the programme have any idea of the emotional highs and lows that they can command with one simple email with instructions or one YouTube clip. It is extraordinary and frankly it’s no wonder that people succumb to megalomania or chronic self-esteem issues working in such a vapid but all-consuming media. Mrs H is sixth from the left on the front row (second from the left in the picture below looking gorgeous if I may say so) and she is having the time of her life!

If every single performer taking part in this thing is going through the same highs and lows, as they must be, then there will be a lot of exhausted families by the end of the whole process. If you watch this show then you are in for a treat, if you don’t I can recommend some lovely sounds in the shape of the Drive By Truckers and some classic Isbell. No radio show this week as I’m in Arras walking the Somme with some old friends at once humbling and upsetting. It puts things in perspective. Grab life and shake it while you can – see above! As ever take what you want or need.

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