Sounds from beyond the Shed 143 “Grrrrrrr”

Credit: Charles Harris

Every week I put together the playlist for the radio show it is a deliberate mix of brand new stuff (to demonstrate how of the moment I am), obscure stuff (to demonstrate how gnomic and out there I am), old stuff (to demonstrate my experience is deep and full of insight) and classics (to demonstrate I am both for and of the people and that I have good taste). At least that what I think I’m doing. This week for my fifty-first show I introduced a new feature, three album tracks played in their original order one after the other. A snapshot, if you will, of an album. My first choice ”Summerteeth” by Wilco. No one can argue with that for quality. Two things went wrong.

Firstly I played tracks 1,2 and then 5! FFS! Not sure how ‘I’m Always in Love’ crept in rather than ‘A Shot in the Arm’ but it did and I duly threw myself at the mercy of the listener – he didn’t seem to care as he’d been drinking scrumpy for the previous four hours…

Secondly, I uploaded the show to Mixcloud as usual in order to share with you lovely people only to have it deleted by Mixcloud for playing three tracks by the same artist one after the other. FFS! I can have three tracks… just not one after the other. I have ended up cutting the third, wrong track and pasting it onto the end of the show. Pure professional class. I think not. Next week – must do better.

This week I’ve been listening to Wilco (see above) and also Flypaper. As ever take what you want or need.

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