Sounds from beyond the Shed 149 – “The Future “

Credit : Austin Leih

So that’s it . It’s all over. The shouting, the vile algorithms, the character assassinations, the lies… the bloody lies. By the time you read this we will know, vaguely, what the next few years holds for us. I write this article on a Wednesday, it is published on a Friday and the day in-between this week is polling day. I am not even in the country. A booked 4-day trip to Poland has taken me away from all the shouting and endless, meaningless analysis. Don’t worry I did my due diligence and sent a postal vote that hopefully was not swallowed up by the capacious maw of the Post Office. Let’s hope sanity has prevailed and we can get on with trying to fix stuff before … Trump, Netanyahu and Putin kill all of us.

I have gone to Kracow, scene of previous Fascist bestiality, but now a thriving city full of lovely bars or so I’m told, I’ll let you know next week. Assuming I’m allowed back in the country.

Sounds this week are of hope. Some live Wilco and some Neil Young from the extraordinary “Early Daze”. The radio show features all of side two of On The Beach, and new Andrew Combs, Wilco, Felice Brothers, The Decemberists, Tim O’Reagan, Jason, Joni and My Girl The River. As ever take what you want or need. And relax …..

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