Sounds from beyond the Shed – week 15

Don't count your chickens...

Sat in a pub garden literally drinking it all in

On the Monday when pubs were allowed to reopen it just so happened that I was on a road trip. Not content with having a shed in the garden I also have a shed (of sorts) that myself and Mrs H tootle around the country in. It was the last two days of the Easter hols, lessons had been prepared, the stone had been rolled away and the decorator’s mate had given permission for booze to flow but only in gardens. Fair enough, a gentle relaxation.

At midday I found myself knocking on the door at a Cotswolds pub with the sun shining and the landlord whistling a jaunty tune. A Ploughmans and some smashing ginger beer later I headed for Glastonbury. Arriving at 5pm the beer garden was heaving and it appeared that some sort of moment had been reached, spirits were high and people genuinely blinking with disbelief to find themselves together in the pale, spring sunshine. It was wonderful and although many beers were tried in the interests of quality control nothing excessive took place.

The world is opening up. I returned to school optimistic but still not booking any European travel!

Fast forward a week and half and we have two whole year groups back at home after positive Covid tests. Never had two off together before. We’re not through this yet… not by a long shot.

Stay positive but (to quote a popular film of the 80s), stay frosty, folks. I know for sure I’m going to go bonkers this year in some field full of music but not quite yet.

Here’s some tunes to ease the wait. Firstly, the gorgeous life-affirming Natalie Merchant song Carnival followed by an extraordinary wig out courtesy of Black Mountain, perfect with a dark stout as the sun sets, then as the motes from the fire pit embers sail away on the breeze Neil Young and Graham Nash with their take on Birds from the Deja Vu anniversary set.




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