Sounds from beyond the Shed – week 19

Ondontaphobics and the squeamish look away now

In which your intrepid correspondent travels back in time.

It had been bothering me for a while but last week I finally summoned up the resolve to deal with an issue that had been concerning me throughout the past year or so. I’ve never been particularly squeamish or indeed that bothered about a bit of pain if the end result seemed worth the aggro. So I made the appointment….

I think it’s about time I fixed that tooth that’s been giving me grief.”

My wife laughed and within 10 minutes I had received the following link in my inbox.

Thanks darling, you are hilarious.

But this is not the cliched report of a person reduced to agony by a botched job. My man Vegan, for that is his name, talked me through the whole thing before even applying the first syringe. He did find it rather odd that I wanted him to say ‘Is it safe?‘ just before pulling the offending bastard out but everything went swimmingly even when he braced himself on my thighs for a bit more purchase!! His catchphrase was not unlike Olivier’s. It consisted of him saying through increasingly clenched teeth (his own, I might add)

‘A little more pressure Mr Hargreaves… a little more pressure… a little more pressu… ah that’s got it’

There was no pop like a champagne cork nor even the Games of Thrones crunch of a cleaver lopping some body part off, just a small, triumphant man in a white smock and full PPE waving about the tooth pictured below.

BTW The Beast as it is now called sits on that particular single because it was bought around the time of my last extraction, a long, long time ago! Dentistry has certainly advanced since then, when stitches were needed both for myself and the dentist at the time who had received a damaging right hook for the pain he was putting me through. This time no pain, a much bigger bill and all done in under an hour. Progress, of sorts.

To take your mind off this topic for those ondontophobics amongst you here are some lovely tracks to mellow the mood and take you far away from your fears. First up the beautiful melancholy of Streetlights from Josh Rouse‘s gorgeous ‘Nashville‘, then continue to drift away with this lovely live cut of the Delines performing ‘Oil Rigs at Night’ from ‘Colfax’ and finally a real rarity from two top songwriters Boo Hewerdine and Darden Smith and the title track of their hard to find ‘Evidence’. As ever take what you want or need.


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