Sounds from beyond the Shed – week 23

Phew what a scorcher ....

Things are hotting up…

Physically and metaphorically. This last week has been the deadline for Teacher Assessed Grades in our establishment and in an effort to stave off any litigation or parental interventions using more than the odd bad word the documentary evidence is monumental and it all has to be copied! Reprographics has an exclusion zone around it for the next three days! Is anyone, ever, going to wade through this? The reassuring thing is that the students can be secure in the knowledge that their grades have been moderated and confirmed by people who know what they are doing as oppose to the disastrous marking that took place with exams in the years before the pandemic. That said, I have colleagues who are punch drunk, sending texts at 2am asking for help, rarely leaving site before 10pm day in, day out. It has been grim. I hate Gavin Williamson; hate is a strong word but I am really at a loss to find another that shares the depth of feeling I have on this matter.

With the grades in and the reprographics officer snorting speed from the top of the Canon there exists a moment to think about the years who are not meant to be taking external exams and what are they doing?

Taking internal ones!! Dear God…

Thank all that’s good in the world for the weather and a Sunday relaxing on the Costa Del Shed (see photo) and picking some righteous tunes to share. First up, a deep delve into the back catalogue for Graham Nash‘s best ever song (feel free to argue but you’re wrong) followed swiftly by a new delight from Gary Louris‘s new solo album and then we finish with a deeply spiritual live version of Lateness of Dancers by Hiss Golden Messenger – absolutely sublime. As ever take what you want or need.



As mentioned sublime 

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