Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 34

Never too old to disgrace yourself

Back with a bang and a small prick

Half term done and despite the sense of melancholy mentioned last week and possibly some SAD caused by the clocks going back, it’s good to be back although the students did their best to destroy this feeling with some mindless vandalism on day one. Maybe it’s an age thing but where’s the fun in kicking in a steel locker door… twice! I mean drawing obscenities and creating traps for people opening lockers I can understand but senseless destruction has never been my thing.

The new half of term brings a visit from the NHS to vaccinate all those whose parents have consented them being vaccinated which means the whole school has to wear sports kit (loose clothing) so no one knows which students have not had the jab. FFS. I get it but really… If you have a view that’s fine but the idea that students will be giving a tuppenny toss about who has and had not had the jab seems absurd seeing they don’t care about social distancing or mask-wearing. Anyone who chooses to wear a mask is not publicly humiliated or made to feel ridiculous in my experience.

And finally a confession. I spent last night in my old home town of Bedford. I was showing a colleague who has a new job there some of the pubs I used to frequent. Maybe it was nostalgia, the thought of going back to school, the frustration of the week before or the excitement of the cricket against Australia ( watched in the pub on a phone!!! Poxy football) but as the day drew into the evening and pub number nine was tackled I’m afraid I somehow lost my bearings and perhaps disgraced myself. All I can remember is thinking about a taxi and then waking up 10 miles away in the spare bed 8 hours later. My thanks to my colleague whatever I put him through but…. it was a cracking day/night and I have a sneaking sense of pride that I can still go that mad and not feel too bad in the morning. Just occasionally you do have to drink irresponsibly.

Some choice cuts this week Nick Lowe with a stunning hymn, Squeeze‘s best ever song by Tilbrook solo in all its heartbreaking glory and Joe Pug – what’s not to like. As ever take what you want or need.

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