Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 46

On the up.....

Credit: John Mathew Smith

A moment’s reflection.

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Every week this column spews forth a mixture of outrage, exasperation, ridicule and disbelief pertaining to all aspects of modern education during these current times but I may have missed a very important trick.

Why do I remain teaching? I’m not ancient but I am no spring chicken and the relentlessness of the profession is a killer. I am currently watching an NQT buckle under the pressure and they are not yet up to full capacity lessons-wise. I’m not sure it’s going to happen for them or indeed if it should. There are plenty more jobs under the sun.

So why?

It’s a cliche but it is genuinely humbling to educate young minds. To open their eyes to things hitherto unknown. To, hopefully, stimulate and excite intellects and hearts. This does not happen every lesson to be sure but when it does it’s invigorating and indeed fulfilling. One such lesson took place this morning when a Yr 9 class, after a couple of weeks of learning about the Nazi’s rise to power were asked to write a weeks worth of diary entries for a 15yr old child living in Germany in 1937. The results were phenomenal and as each student read their entries a complete picture emerged of their empathy and imagination. It was wonderful. Horrific given the subject matter but wonderful that they were able to explore the subject on both an intellectual and emotional level and in doing so find empathy and understanding.

Next lesson was Yr 5 Drama… less inspiration more crowd control on the last day before half term but still creative!!

Some half term sounds to see me into my week off. First up a storming combo of Young and Hendrix through the prism of the Isley Bros, then the joy that is Khruangbin and Leon Bridges (looking forward to seeing them this year at End of the Road) and then the immortal Bill Fay. As ever take what you want or need.

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