Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 58

take a break maybe a wild swim ...

Half term and festival time.

I have dragged my sorry arse to the end of the week and cannot communicate how grateful I am for half term. This term has been full of all the usual issues that the summer term usually carries but somehow they seem to have been amplified so much this year. The exam anxiety, the poor behaviour, the staff anxiety, inspection reports, writing reports , exam marking, drama productions on the point of implosion, school trips, pay reviews not to mention the horrors mentioned last week. So it has bordered on the overwhelming and a week ‘off’ is going to be just the tonic.

Red Rooster here I come, it’s going to be wild swimming, wild drinking, wild dancing and the occasional visit to the chemical loos for me. See you next week.

Some of the bill this week. The wonderful Sheepdogs with suitable festival video, the dreamy Danny Wilson and finally a shout out to Chuck Prophet who was meant to be there. Get well soon Chuck. As ever take what you want or need. And breathe…

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