Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 69

Running the gauntlet of the egg throwers

The Bear - Photograph: FX Networks

Commuting is a joy.

keiths whip photo

Or at least it will be when I take delivery of my new car as mentioned last week. Some of my colleagues have been less than complimentary about my fearless championing of the new technologies for transport that need to be embraced as the world moves forward and avoids total environmental collapse. Is it perhaps they are dyed in the wool petrolheads? Unlikely, although one has just bought a Dodge Viper… whatever that is. Perhaps they feel it’s too early to go the whole hog electric? That may be part of it, but being a pathfinder should not lead to ridicule. Or maybe it is the car itself? And here is the probable answer. The all-electric Citroen Ami is very, very bijou. It’s left hand drive and has a top speed of… strap yourselves in… 28mph. Not content with these highlights there is also a range of 46 miles and no heating, just de-misters. Oh and no radio, just a USB port for charging and playing your phone. Let’s face it I’m not going to need sat nav. So why buy such a thing?

I commute 5 miles each way, I don’t need to go fast, I can plug it in at work, no road tax and its only £9 a month after an initial deposit of £3K. What’s not to like? My intention is to fit a small speaker on the outside and play the following track as I pootle to and from work. What’s not to like? Haters gunna hate and I couldn’t give a stuff.

What a lovely way to get to work.

In other news I have been watching some good TV once the marking is done and wholeheartedly recommend The Bear and The Old Man on Disney plus (not my favourite streaming service but currently producing some excellent content with great soundtracks hence….) First up the closing theme from episode 1 of The Old Man, some Joe Henry.  Secondly, possibly the most perfect use of a Wilco track ever (comes in at 26 secs but in the episode itself even more effective) and lastly a beautiful thing from Drag City featuring Cory Hanson.




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