Sounds from beyond the Shed – Week 95

Looking forward with one eye in the mirror

Reflections and moving on

So this week the Yr11s and Yr 13s have gone on study leave as the exams jostle for position in their inevitable social calendars. The whole leaver’s parties, hoodies and associated organised fanfare leaves me cold I’m afraid. When I was at school the best parties were nothing to do with the establishment that tried to school me similarly I couldn’t think of anything worse that wandering about or hanging about the local bus stop smoking fags and drinking cider with a purple hoodie on announcing my ‘leavers’ status. Plus ca change, you miserable bastard I hear you say. Yep maybe but it is indicative to me that the tribes of generation have blurred. I yearn for some passion and political hunger or even just a “Fuck off….sir”. I should be careful what I wish for…

Their leaving made me realise they were last set of students I would see doing that under my charge. Some of them I had been teaching for ten years. I bet they were glad to get away! It did however prompt a sense of melancholy, it didn’t last long, but it was palpably felt as the page in my book of life begins to turn. Hence the somewhat downbeat sounds this week.

First up some Kevin Morby, an artist that grows and grows in importance in my collection and what a shirt and what a version, then some more Willy and the boys with his most arresting lyric IMHO and last up the extraordinary Whitney K who I very much hoping to see live this year. Funny how they’re all piano-based… hadn’t thought about that before. As ever take what you want or need.

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