Sounds from the Shed – Week 7

Heading up to the front again...

A half-term of maniacal walking and second-guessing.

So the dull sun sets on a week of enforced stasis; walks with one friend at a time through sodden fields, cack-handed DIY that promises to cause problems the moment they are put to the test, a lot of hoovering, forays into dark corners of Netflix searching for the next best thing and, best of all, the deployment of a record cleaning regime that has some of my discs crying tears of joy as the dust of time is wiped from their grooves. I thank the suppliers of quality ‘Spincare‘ products. Did you see what they did there? I have spent more time wiping and smiling than a father with newborn triplets. And some of the LPs I have explored have not spun for 30 years plus. Surely this is the definition of R and R.

I am ready for the fight be it in the shed or the classroom and by the time you read this we will have an idea of what that will be. Another highpoint of half term was receiving a brilliant gift from lovely friends Lynne and Andy. A Bob Dylan candle ( see pic). If anyone can guide us out of this shitstorm it is the sainted Bob. It will burn in every lesson! Thank you!

This week’s selections frame a mellow vibe with slightly less misery ( just wait until next week’s!!) The buds are sprouting, snowdrops in full bloom and even crocii have shown their face to the watery sun. First up the joyous Too Blue featuring Johnny Marr and Neil Finn from the ‘Seven Worlds Collide’ Oxfam supporting album. Secondly the hugely underrated Jesse Sykes with one of her classics (I urge watching of the live KEXP performance) and thirdly Pete Bruntnell with one of his. As ever take what you need and thanks for any correspondence; all gratefully received.



Not at all bad


Ugly as sin ( not really) 

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nigel Clews

A newbie here….7 Worlds Collide …a much under-rated album with a fine cast of players – check out the ensemble finish on Reptile – the last track on the album


Technical question Keith – what cleaner are you using for vinyl – been looking at a few but not made up my mind. It seems possible to spend quite a lot so I dont want to do it in error.