Stephen Feldman “The Ancient Art” (Independent, 2016)

Finding stephenfeldman1any information about Stephen Feldman on the internet is no easy task which is a pity as it would be good to tell more about an artist who has produced a very satisfying and thoughtful album here. It seems as though he is a Los Angeles based folk musician who is somewhat a veteran having released a number of albums before as part of a group called Poppa’s Kitchen but that is about all that is available. There are eleven songs here all of which have been written by or co written by the artist and all paint pictures of people and events.

Feldman has the proverbial lived in voice with a hint of gravel. Whilst the songs are part accoustic in places there is a good back up band in evidence and some well placed saxophone on “Days Just Begun” and Outer Space” which bring warmth and atmosphere.

“Angel on my Street” is the stand out track with a nice guitar solo and accompaniment of what appears to be strings but may well be the synth version although “Stickman and His Girl” is not far behind having almost a jazzy feel with a funky guitar and horn in evidence.

The winning formula here though is the fact that the album exudes warmth and sincerity with the feeling that you are having a private audience with the man in your own living room.



An album of warmth and quality from veteran singer songwriter

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