SUSS “Heat Haze” – we’re having a heat wave….

Photo: Orestes Gonzales

Now, we have to be honest with you, we’re not really sure if Ambient-Americana is a thing, despite the likes of UNCUT trying to persuade us otherwise.  Soundscapes of swirling instrumentation, twangy guitar, pedal steel distorted all out of shape and a general edgy-western feel hanging around the edges.  If ambient-Americana is a thing, then it owes a debt to Twin Peaks, and tips a hat to Ennio Morricone as it’s ultimate progenitor.   And if it is a thing then SUSS – the NYC-based trio of Pat Irwin, Bob Holmes, and Jonathan Gregg – are surely pillars of the scene.

Heat Haze‘ is taken from the new EP of the same name.  The EP is a tribute in part to Gary Leib, one of the band’s original members, who unexpectedly passed away soon after these tracks were completed.  It also acts as a soundtrack to a road trip across the USA, taking in influences from the South-West and the band’s home town of New York.

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