Swimming Bell “Take It Easy” – Easy on me, easy on you

Photo: Lisa Bolden

The latest track from LA-based songwriter Katie Schottland’s Swimming Bell project, ‘Take It Easy’ is a gentle ode to shaking off the serious aspects of life and trying to be kind to yourself and others in the process.  It’s taken from the second Swimming Bell album ‘Charlie‘ which will arrive via Californian independent label Permanent Records on January 19th 2024.   Speaking of the song Katie Schottland has said: “I wrote ‘Take it Easy’ as a collage of snapshots. Tiny moments but with an overall sentiment of not taking things too seriously and to be kind to everyone, including yourself. ‘Take it Easy’ is probably the prettiest sounding song on the record.

And it is a pretty song, a dreamy Laurel Canyon-ish mix with a slice of country-rock thrown in for good measure.  And it drifts from scene to scene, recalling waking too early by not going to bed, thenholding hands to shield a cigarette, and lazily wondering when the drugs are going to wear off.  Shared experiences…maybe not such important ones…but for Schottland they do represent some definition of something important as she sings “you made a sound like love – we made a sound like love.”

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