Black Deer 2020 is cancelled – but back next year!

We heard this week of the inevitable cancellation of more festivals, with most choosing to cancel instead of postpone to the autumn because of the continuing uncertainty around when public gatherings might be permitted again (and perhaps more importantly when the public might feel like gathering again).  Among the cancellations announced this week are the Larmer Tree Festival which was due to be headlined by Frank Turner in July, and the Rotterdam bluegrass festival in June, and today we heard the sad news of the cancellation of one of our favourites, Black Deer which moves much of the same line-up to 2021. Continue reading “Black Deer 2020 is cancelled – but back next year!”

Preview: Daniel Antopolsky

Fifty years ago, Daniel Antopolsky found himself stranded in a motel with his good friend Townes Van Zandt. They each took the opportunity to write a song. That day, Van Zandt’s effort was ‘Pancho and Lefty’. Legend has it that the character of Lefty was based on Antopolsky, his left-handed, troubadour, touring companion. Anotpolsky wrote ‘Sweet Lovin’ Music’, which would wait until 2013 before being recorded. The lives of these young country ‘outlaws’ veered in such different directions after Antopolsky saved Van Zandt’s life following a drug overdose. Van Zandt went on to become country music royalty. Antopolsky left the music industry behind, escaping the traumas of life on the road with the other outlaws. He went looking for something more meaningful and spiritual. He travelled and saw the world, eventually settling on a farm in France, where he raised a family…and chickens. Oh, what might have been. Continue reading “Preview: Daniel Antopolsky”