D.L. Marble “One Line At A Time” (Independent, 2020)

When D.L. Marble and producer Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, whose C.V. includes Steve Earle, Nils Lofgren and Joan Jett, were planning this album the conversation probably went something along the lines of, “keep it basic and simple, don’t tart it up”. ‘Ocean Beach’ kicks off as a straightforward country song, written from the point of view of a soldier on a tour of duty missing home. It is one of the more lyrically sophisticated songs. ‘Same Damn Thing’ “So good luck to the girls on the side of the stage. Boys at the bar makin’ minimum wage. Every lost soul out there on those interstates” and ‘One Line at a Time’ “I’ll write on this page to remind… I’m killing myself one line at a time” are more typical of the unvarnished style Marble seems to be aiming for. Continue reading “D.L. Marble “One Line At A Time” (Independent, 2020)”