David Lewis “Among Friends” (Independent, 2020)

David Lewis is less than prolific, having made 5 albums in 25 years which seems slow going by anyone’s standards. Only when you append his professional title does it make more sense; for Lewis is a Professor of Social Policy and Development at the London School of Economics and his professional CV would make you wonder how he has time for anything else let alone playing, touring, recording and song-writing.  A busy man. Continue reading “David Lewis “Among Friends” (Independent, 2020)”

Video Premiere: David Lewis “Unswept Leaves”

With a lovely vocal melody, David Lewis draws us into his warm musical world among his friends.  ‘Unswept Leaves’ is taken from the newly-released ‘Among Friends’, which is Lewis’s fifth album.  It’s a full six years since his last collection and he’s moved in a new direction with percussion coming to the fore and going electric.  What remains the same is his gentle folk delivery and the collaboration with excellent players, including the likes of Patrick Berkery (The War On Drugs). Continue reading “Video Premiere: David Lewis “Unswept Leaves””