Dixie no more – The Chicks are born

The Dixie Chicks are no more – the band continues, but they are now The Chicks.  It’s a move prompted by the same criticism that caused Lady Antebellum to become Lady A  a fortnight ago. To the cynical this might sound like tokenism – but consider that this is an abandoning of thirty-one years spent building band recognition.  The Chicks are surely also aware that it is a move that will really annoy a swathe of their fan base. Continue reading “Dixie no more – The Chicks are born”

Dixie Chicks release first new music in 14 years

Fourteen years is a long time between albums – but that’s exactly the time-span since ‘Taking the Long Way‘ and the new album ‘Gaslighter‘ which’ll appear on May 1st.  Not that the Dixie Chicks (Martie Maguire, Natalie Maines and Emily Strayer) have been completely away from music in all that time, but they’ve concentrated on touring and more recently helping out Taylor Swift on the 2019 song ‘ Soon You’ll Get Better’. Continue reading “Dixie Chicks release first new music in 14 years”

Dixie Chicks share first new music in 14 years – Listen

Oh well this is exciting albeit brief. ‘Gaslighter’ is the upcoming first studio album from the Dixie Chicks in 14 years and the trio’s Instagram account has been posting stills from a music video shoot for the LP’s title track. On Sunday night, Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines shared a few seconds of ‘Gaslighter’ the song which you can hear below. “I’m gonna get in trouble for this, but that’s why you love me,” she wrote underneath the post. Well not from us Natalie! (Trouble that is, we do love you). Continue reading “Dixie Chicks share first new music in 14 years – Listen”