Kelley Swindall “You Can Call Me Darlin’ If You Want” (Velvet Elk Records, 2020)

It is hard to believe this is a debut album and that this wannabe actress, turned singer-songwriter, was inspired to change course only after heartbreak inspired revenge. This album packs a punch so forthright that anyone would be forgiven for thinking releasing albums was a well-trodden route by Georgia-born Kelley Swindall, with confidence and the courage of her convictions bursting through in her songs. Continue reading “Kelley Swindall “You Can Call Me Darlin’ If You Want” (Velvet Elk Records, 2020)”

Dolly Parton gives $1Million to Coronavirus research

The Country music legend that is Dolly Parton has a long history of charitable generosity – her Imagination Library for example has been responsible for providing more than 130million books to children.  As a side shoot from that endeavour – and as an assistance to relieving the boredom of children during the current lockdown – Ms Parton is launching a YouTube channel called ‘Goodnight With Dolly‘ which will feature readings of classic stories – starting with ‘The Little Engine That Could.‘   There’s even a little singing at the end – well, we are a music website after all. Continue reading “Dolly Parton gives $1Million to Coronavirus research”

AmericanA to Z – Dolly Parton

No, not Gram Parsons. Not even Elvis Presley (though if you don’t consider Elvis to be the epitome of ‘Americana’ then I will fight you right now). Dolly Rebecca Parton (of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee) has written, played and performed it all. And I’m prepared to fight you right now about that too. Continue reading “AmericanA to Z – Dolly Parton”

AmericanA to Z – Emmylou Harris

As a renowned singer, songwriter and musician, Emmylou Harris will no doubt need little or no introduction. Harris is, without doubt, one of the all-time greats. Her contribution to music over the years is summed up magnificently in the notes accompanying her 2005 compilation album ‘The Very Best of Emmylou Harris: Heartaches and Highways’ as “a cornerstone of the country-rock genre, who led country music back to its roots, who was a trailblazer for female musical collaborations, who prefigured the resurgence of bluegrass, and who became a key artist of the Americana movement”. Continue reading “AmericanA to Z – Emmylou Harris”