Emma Swift “Blonde On The Tracks” (Tiny Ghost Records, 2020)

Dylan has been one of the most covered songwriters since the ‘60s. In fact, in 1965, Columbia Records ran a media campaign with the message “No one sings Dylan like Dylan”, as covers were outselling Dylan’s original versions.  While many artists have covered his songs,  few artists have recorded whole albums of them. Recently Maria Muldaur, with ‘Heart of Mine: Maria Muldaur Sings Love Songs of Bob Dylan’, and Betty LaVette with ‘Things Have Changed’ have both released complete albums of  Dylan songs and into this company steps Australian born East Nashville based singer-songwriter Emma Swift. Continue reading “Emma Swift “Blonde On The Tracks” (Tiny Ghost Records, 2020)”

Interview: Emma Swift’s take on Bob Dylan, East Nashville and Marmite

Emma Swift is an up and coming Australian singer-songwriter, currently living in East Nashville with partner Robyn Hitchcock, who has taken the initially surprising career move of issuing an album of Dylan covers. However, Swift’s songwriting abilities are put to good use in helping her interpret the songs and making them her own with clear and expressive folk-influenced vocals . She is supported by her East Nashville musician friends, including Wilco’s Patrick Sansone who acted as producer. The songs were originally recorded to help Swift deal with her Continue reading “Interview: Emma Swift’s take on Bob Dylan, East Nashville and Marmite”

Video: Emma Swift “Queen Jane Approximately”

With excellent playing and production and a strong, pure vocal, Emma Swift has created a terrific new version of a familiar song.  Covering Dylan takes courage but Swift approaches the task with confidence and makes ‘Queen Jane Approximately’ her own.  The single is taken from ‘Blonde on the Tracks’, Swift’s new album due out on 14th August.  The album, produced by Wilco’s Patrick Sansone, is a collection of new interpretations of Bob Dylan’s songs.  Continue reading “Video: Emma Swift “Queen Jane Approximately””

Emma Swift “I Contain Multitudes” – Listen

Indisputably what the world needs now is more Dylan, and we’re in luck as there as Dylan has a new album a-comin’ down the tracks.  He’s not alone in this, as Emma Swift also has a Dylan album a-comin’.  Her’s is called ‘Blonde on the Tracks’ and has eight covers of Dylan songs on it.  It’s out on Tiny Ghost Records on August 15th. Continue reading “Emma Swift “I Contain Multitudes” – Listen”