‘The Twang Factor’ presents: Hope in High Water

Welcome once again to ‘The Twang Factor’. Our guests this week are Milton Keynes based duo Hope in High Water who play what they describe as “a distinctly British take on acoustic americana” – and that’s not just a reference to the weather on view in the background of their video!  Continue reading “‘The Twang Factor’ presents: Hope in High Water”

Hope In High Water “Bonfire & Pine” (Fish Records, 2019)

Americana music defies geographic boundaries but “Mountain Music from the flatlands of Milton Keynes” might give even the most travelled aficionado pause for thought. Listen to ‘Bonfire & Pine’ and Hope In High Water’s sparse, haunting sound will take you far from concrete England to the clear mountain air of Appalachia. Josh Chandler Morris and Carly Slade complement each other perfectly. To his slightly twangy voice she adds a purity straight from those mountains. Together they play stripped back acoustic folk, no more than guitar, banjo and upright bass with equally modest percussion. Continue reading “Hope In High Water “Bonfire & Pine” (Fish Records, 2019)”